Concept – Art Direction –  Design


I’m really proud to have had the opportunity to design the new visual identity of this incredible apparel start up.
Africanas is very passionate about the African continent, the diverse cultures, and the people. They employs skilled craftsmen and women, at their factory in Cape Town, South Africa, and they are proud of their contribution to creating employment and opportunities there. It is therefore their belief that they ought to be giving back by contributing positively in uplifting the local economy.



The concept

Africanas is a new identity based on 3 concepts:
origin (South Africa), core (handmade) and highlight (texture).
The new identity wants to have a strong appeal in the Western market, being fresh and contemporary.  
The logo has been designed with a bespoke font. Versatile and dynamic, the new identity has the possibility of adapting itself to various apparel products.

The challenge

To reconnect Africanas with the South African origins of the product, having a young and modern approach to sustainable business.



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