NBC Universal


Art direction – Design

A vertigo experience

9 markets, 33 activations, 12K videos, 4 million views


In NBCUniversal’s vertiginous blockbuster Dwayne Johnson performs a death and physics defying stunt to end all stunts, jumping from a supercrane into a burning building.


Blockbuster production

To engage audiences with the sheer adrenaline of SKYSCRAPER our vertigo-inducing experience gave audiences their very own personalised cinemagraph starring them hanging with The Rock from a burning building.


Sharing has no limits

Our cloud-based system automated the post production and personalisation of user content captured from 8 markets and 33 locations with 1.2 million combined views from over 8,000 unique users. As the content was downloadable we estimate this figure to be far higher across the dark social platforms used by our target audience.