United by Difference

Art direction – Storyboard – Design

Army V Navy Rugby Match

We busted the myth of flat capped veterans and brought rival tribes together under one Royal British Legion, united by difference.

Are you experienced?

We created an experience in the stadium grounds that challenged the combative crowd to score goals with rugby balls while educating on the surprisingly diverse roles of the Legion. Our second activation brought traditional adversaries together in a bullet time shareable gif.

Running through this integrated campaign was our emotive video thread, revealing that the British Army, Royal Navy and the Legion are all made up of many difference. And that we are stronger together as One Legion. United by Difference.

Two tribes go to war

The Army v Navy rugby match is the biggest sporting event on the military calendar. And the booziest fixture at Twickenham. How do we tell this audience of 82,000 high spirited squaddies and sailors that the Charity of the Day is there for them?

Within the forces the division are not just rank and battalion, there exist deeply entrenched tribal rivalries within these units. Our tactical battle cry targeted both Army and Navy Team supporters on social, focusing on the differences that made each team the strongest. 

All together now

The response from the crowd was overwhelming, with a constant stream of participants at both activations and high engagement levels over
the campaign film – on and offline.